Machine Workshops - Turku and Kauttua

Kone-Tuomi is an order-based machine workshop founded in 1945. It specializes in heavy and middle heavy machining. Our workshops are located in Turku and in Kauttua (Eura). Both sites are located close to principal roads. We have 3200 m2 of production area in Turku and 3300 m2 in Kauttua. Our personnel consists of about 60 people.

Our clientele is mainly composed of manufacturers of diesel engines, machine tools and elevators, companies in the paper-, pump-, offshore- and saw industries, and companies that need reparation and maintenance services.

Please see the Contact page for maps to our workshops.


Turun konepaja
Phone +358 2 274 3300
Fax +358 2 274 3311

PL 709 (Vahdontie 9)
20361 TURKU

Kauttuan konepaja
Phone +358 2 8387 4200
Fax +358 2 8387 4211

Turuntie 145